New Year's Day, 2012: My last chance to check out those domes on the roof!

I resynched the system on Christmas, then again on December 28th, so it's now been 4 days since the last time. When I came back on the 28th, I didn't do any more "exploring" around the building because I was in a bit of a hurry. But today I've got plenty of time, so might as well take one more look.

I'm in my office now, waiting for the resync to complete. While I wait, I might as well learn a little more about all of the options of the MPS. As I move the CATs around the display, I manage to put both of them directly over the Abidjan facility where the managers are having their summit. To my surprise, a new dialog opens asking if I want satellite view! I click OK and there it is! A clear view of the facility!
2012-21-12 : Assimilation
Coming in Chapter 4

Anything is Possible!
I managed to get a photo of it on my cellphone, which I've included here. Comparing it to the building in the video, it's obvious that it's the same one, except that now the 21 bubbles are replaced by the one single large dome.
Friday, January 27th: It has been 12 days since I first saw the completed Area 51 facility. Since I now know how to record the views from my holographic display, I captured those in the graphic on the left to show the progress of the dome over 12 days. As expected, it continues to grow and has covered the entire base at Groom Lake. We expect it to grow to cover the entire 10°x10° Las Vegas, NV sector (30°N-40°N by 110°W-120°W). Also, as I now understand the assimilation, it is clear why I have noticed no physical activity at the base for about the last 5 days. It appears that all personnel have been assimilated into the mosaic dome on the base as planned and the process will continue until it includes all living things in the sector.

This test over the Area 51 installation has been a rousing success. There will be a short pause before the assimilation continues, to give the world time to adapt to the idea of being part of the mosaic.
Area 51 : 2012-16-01 through 2012-27-01 (thumbnails on top can be used to select a specific image)
The meaning of the stone tablets is now known by all of our employees at all facilities. The two dates, December 20th and 21st, represent the dates when the mosaic actions being produced by the Skybot project will come to fruition. By the 20th, assimilation of all living things on the planet will be complete, with the exception of specific project personnel that will implement the final action on the 21st. At that point, all will be assimilated into the Universal Intelligence Mosaic (UIM), where they will not only have all knowledge of things that they have been exposed to, but all things in the universe. Once assimilated, they will also have the power to transport to other worlds and assume the physical form of the dominant intelligent species on the planet. All planets with intelligent life will eventually reach this point, where their inhabitants are assimilated into a UIM and they become part of the complete universe. After that, they then become part of the process of assimilating other planets as they reach their maturity.

As far as I am concerned, the whole mosaic process is a mixture of good news and bad news. The good news is that, as announced on the news, there will be no more illness or death between now and 2012-21-12. The bad news is that hospitals, funeral homes, and associated businesses will have no more work. In addition, the growing population will soon overcome facilities, food supplies, and the general infrastructures of most countries. To compensate for this, Skybot is providing temporary employment and housing around the world, in addition to food and other supplies required. In remote areas, the assimilation process will start earlier, thus providing further relief to the population growth.

From my point of view, the other bad news is that as a Skybot SGA, I will not be able to join the mosaic until December 21st. Since I have the knowledge and expertise to operate the MPS for the required resync operations, as well as other operations that become necessary as the mosaic continues to grow and the individual mosaics from adjoining sectors merge, I must be onhand and part of the process right up to the end. Since I was one of the first to "join" in the knowledge of the upper management and am the top SGA here, I will be the last one to leave our facility and will perform the final step of the process.

Although I completely understand the assimilation process, I have not yet actually seen it in action. The assimilation requires that the person, animal, or plant needs to be in its "home sector', which usually isn't a problem except with humans. As the population grows, people are being encouraged to return to their homes or the sector which they regard as their most permanent home, thus allowing them to be assimilated when they choose to proceed. Although many are naturally hesitant initially, they are easily "convinced" by either a visit from one of the managers or, in many cases, by watching one of the many explanation sessions being conducted daily on television. As soon as they are given the knowledge to understand what it means to be part of the UIM, they are anxious to return home and become part of the process.

A little experimentation with the Abigjan satellite view and I figure out that I'm actually looking at a live view. Since it's just after 3 PM here in Florida and I'm in time zone UTC-5, that makes it about 8 PM in Abidjan. So, that's why I'm seeing all of those people leaving the facility. The summit must have adjourned and all of the managers are on their way home. Looking closely, I note a clock in the upper right of the display and it's showing 8:05 PM. I click on the clock and realize that I can actually move the clock back to see satellite views from the past. I move it back through that day and find that they act the same way there as they do here - all of the managers arrive at the facility between 6 and 6:15. As I push the clock back further, all I see are people going into the building in the morning and coming out at night. I notice that they all leave between 8 and 8:12 - I thought it was 8:15 here, but I guess I was off a few minutes. Then I notice the 24-hour clock and realize that they're leaving between 2000 and 2012 ... there's that number again.

So, I wonder what I could see on our Tampa facility. I move the CATs to Tampa, select the satellite view option, and there we are! It looks just like what I saw when I was flying around up there on Christmas Day. Oops! That makes me wonder ... I move the clock slowly back to Christmas Day, seeing no activity on the domes or the roof during that time, other than a few birds flying by or landing there. Then, I get to noon on Christmas Day and, just as I feared, there I am flying up between the domes and happily flitting around above the building. What am I going to do? I know little or nothing about how this software works and I'm sure I don't have the expertise to modify those recorded satellite views, so I guess all I can do is hope that nobody goes back and reviews them. Checking further, I find that I can only go back 30 days, so it looks like I'll only be sweating this out until about January 25th.
Back home, I'm wondering if there's anything I might do to prepare for the possibility that my "flight" is discovered. I can't really think of any reasonable explanation for being up there or for even knowing how to be up there. Guess I'll just have to cross that bridge if and when I come to it.

When I got home, I went out in the back yard to see if my CATs would do anything here. It looks like the only time they have any special powers is when I'm within the perimeter of the facility. That's probably good .. I'd probably fly somewhere and have my picture on the evening news by tonight. How dumb was I to not think they had some kind of surveillance around that building. Oh well, most they can do is fire me ... I guess.
Monday morning, going back at work, and we all got a big surprise. As I approached the front of the building, I join a small crowd gathered, looking at the two stone tablets that have been installed, one embedded in the concrete wall on each side of the double front doors. It's a major surprise to me, since I was here just yesterday and they weren't. They must have been installed overnight or early this morning. Amazing!

There is much speculation about exactly what they are and what they signify. They're a multi-shade gold color and are covered with some kind of hieroglyphics that resemble what one might see in a pyramid. They look like they're very old, but may just have been constructed to look ancient. I take a couple of cellphone photos, planning to research these a little more this evening.

The next surprise is an announcement on the display in my office that we've all been invited to an online meeting with upper management. I tune in and there stands that same guy that came down to my office to explain my resync assignments. Come to think of it, I never did hear what his name was.
It's January 16th and things have been really hectic around here the last few weeks. We and the upper managers have been so busy trying to get back on schedule that they apparently haven't taken the time to review the December satellite views. Just over a week to go and I can quit worrying about my flight being seen.

I've started working with several facilities since we were given our new assignments and have been watching carefully to see which facilities reach completion first. I've been watching the facility at Las Vegas, Nevada especially closely, as it appears to be the one closest to completion. There are several things rather unique about it, however. First, it's not actually in Las Vegas, but a few hours North at a little installation known as Area 51. Second, as with many things at Area 51, it's mostly underground. Only the top (21st) floor is above ground. I suppose that was done due to the fame of the site and the large number of people doing satellite surveillance on it at every opportunity.
Although I haven't figured out how to provide decent graphic views of what shows up on my holographic display, I located an old Area 51 video that shows the building when it was new. View the video and stop it at 3:24 to see how the building looked initially. You'll see 21 bubbles (small dark spots) on the roof, which apparently is the number that we all start with.

So, this morning I'm looking at the Area 51 facility and note that it's indicating 100% completion. Looking closely at the satellite view, I see that there is in fact a single dome as predicted, and that it's no longer gray but looks a lot like a distant view of the earth with its cloud cover and atmosphere.
Once again, my curiousity takes over. I've already been wondering why this facility is in the notorious Area 51. Is there some significance to the fact that it's the first one completed? If the "home" facilities are in Abidjan and Lagos, why weren't they completed first? One thing that's obvious is that the security surrounding this location will assure that not many will be able to get very close to it. Maybe it has some function that's best done in a secure environment. To find the answers to these questions, I plan to keep a close eye on it using the satellite viewing capability. Maybe something will show up to give me some hints.
Monday, January 23rd: Well, I got a real surprise last week. After seeing the Area 51 facility had completed on Monday, I tried to take a look at it on Tuesday and was unable to bring it up on my display. When I called the support desk, I was told that post-completion viewing required an additional authorization from upper management. I applied for the authorization, but haven't heard back yet. To date, no other facility has reached 100%, although some are getting very close. Several, including the ones at Abidjan and Lagos, reached 99% and then seemed to stop advancing. I've got a call into support about that also, but again haven't received a reply.

I heard on the news this weekend that something very strange appears to be happening around the world. From what the news people can determine, there have been no deaths since January 1st. They only realized this recently and are continuing to check with news services around the globe. Furthermore, it appears that nobody is getting sick and those that are sick have started to recuperate at an astounding rate. Seems that I'm not the only one with questions these days.

So, I'm sitting in my office, wondering about these strange phenomena in addition to all the questions I have about the project, when in walks my management friend. I must ask him his name one of these times.

"We've noticed that you've learned much more about our operations than we were aware," he said.

"Actually, I feel like I've got more questions than answers."

"Well, I'm here to give you all the answers now."

Holding his CATs in his hands, he reaches out and puts one hand on each of my shoulders. Suddenly, I understand everything!  After he leaves, I realize I have no questions left - just answers. I have a great feeling of relaxation and calm, as well as the knowledge that I can accomplish anything that I attempt. As I feared, they have seen my flight on their satellite records, so know that I got through their security and was already aware of some of their "secrets." They apparently do not care and have shared their entire history with me, as well as an understanding of the ultimate goals of the project and its beneficial effect on humanity.

As I had begun to suspect, the Skybot upper management are not originally from Earth. They are descendants of an alien race that came to Earth in 1947. Most of them landed in Central Africa, except for one lone group that went off-course and landed near Roswell, New Mexico. They were taken to Area 51, where they survived and eventually took control of the entire base at Groom Lake. They remained out of touch with the African contingent until the 1980s, when they were finally able to get back in communication. By that time, the African groups had settled in several cities and had influenced the culture such that these cities had become major urban centers. The decision was made at that time to retain the small, secure group at Area 51, with the plan that they would be useful as a test area for the Skybot project planned for the 21st century.
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At home now and wandering around the internet, trying to determine exactly what these stone-like tablets are by our building's front doors (and every front door of the over 300 Skybot facilities around the world! How did they do that in one night?). It doesn't take me long to learn from Wikipedia that they're Mesoamerican Long Count calendars  (Mayan Calendars). In fact, these look very similar to the examples shown in Wikipedia, except that they have different date symbols. A little more searching and I find a legend for these symbols.
It looks like the date on the left of the door is representing December 20, 2012, which is the end of the "current creation's 13th b'ak'tun." The other is the start of the 14th b'ak'tun,, on December 21, 2012. It appears that Skybot is highlighting the upcoming 2012-21-12 date that everyone is speculating about. Why they're doing that remains a mystery to me. What it does seem to imply is that something significant relative to our Skybot project is going to occur around December 20th and 21st.
Monday, 2012-26-03: Two months since I gained the knowledge and they have certainly been a busy time. We are slowly catching up to the schedule and we are beginning to have assimilations in my sector. Our dome now extends well beyond the perimeter of our facility, even past my house which is several miles away, and I have found that my CATs allow me to easily fly anywhere under the umbrella of the dome. Getting to and from work has become much easier and I continue to learn more about the management aliens. I find that there are many things known to me that I don't realize unless I concentrate on a particular subject. It is like have a huge data base of knowledge, with a rather crude tool to sort through all of the information. My crude tool improves daily, however, and so I "learn" more each day.
I am also now beginning to understand what happens after the UIM on Earth is completed. As the UIM envelopes the entire Earth, it forms a celestial sphere, much as what were believed to be the fundamental celestial entities of the cosmological celestial mechanics first invented by Eudoxus and developed by Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus and others. Although these spheres were viewed in ancient times as being composed of an aetherial transparent fifth element (quintessence), they will now in fact be very close to that concept in their composition as a hologram. The hologram will initially be a translucent gray or blue color, through which the Earth will be visible, as shown in the graphic on the right. Shortly after completion, the UIM will assume the appearance of the Earth itself, with a semblance of atmosphere and clouds to make it appear as simply a larger version of the planet. Within this UIM, the Earth will retain its geology and other features, able to again support life at some point in the future. When that time comes, the UIM will separate from the Earth and become an energy field within the universe.

The more I realize about the UIM, the more anxious I am to become part of it. As the year rolls slowly on, I continue to assist in the assimilations, all the time watching the planet become less inhabited and more like it was before life began.
As each being is merged into the mosaic, there is a radiation of warmth and peacefulness, and the mosaic as a whole is now radiating that feeling to a point that those of us still here are constantly in a state of complete contentment.
Monday, 2012-25-06: Halfway through the year and things couldn't be going more smoothly. Over 70% of the world's sectors are now complete and have assimilated all life within their areas. Within the next three months, we will begin to merge the sector mosaics to form larger and larger domes, until whole continents are completed. By the end of September, we project that 95% of the sectors will be connected to the worldwide mosaic. The last to be connected will be the two closest to 0° longitude, 0° latitude (Equator at the Prime Meridian) and the two closest to 180° longitude and 0° latitude (Equator at the Antimeridian or International Date Line).
Monday, 2012-24-09: Nearly through September and we have had a small glitch in the assimilation process. As expected, most countries have long since disbanded their governments, police forces, military, and financial institutions. Since Skybot is providing all that the remaining inhabitants of the world require, there is no longer a need for any monetary system, and crime is nearly non-existent. Those minor crimes that do occasionally happen are handled by the Skybot management at the nearest facility. Due to the small number of people still here and the close satellite monitoring that is constantly active, any crimes that are committed are almost immediately solved and the perpetrator is "convinced" of the value to being assimilated into the mosaic.
2012-24-09 Skybot
Worldwide Satellite Coverage
I have been assigned to try to determine how widespread this "rebellion" is and to formulate a plan to eradicate this threat to our project. This is probably the worst possible time for this to occur, less than 90 days from the 2012-21-12 date, with limited resources and personnel to assist my effort. I do, however, have all of the power of Skybot behind me, with access to all of their latest technology, the ability to transport myself almost anywhere in the world with relative ease, and complete satellite coverage. The satellite coverage graphic on the right shows satellite access from our Tampa facility, but is representative of any spot on Earth.

It is now up to me to put together a plan to handle this situation and assure the successful completion of our project. The most disconcerting thing about this is that it is the first time there has been a problem that the upper management has been unable to resolve. If they have all of the knowledge of the universe, it would seem impossible that these rebels are able to operate without being detected. So there is yet another impossibility ...
And here are a couple of really great, semi-related videos that I found.

(For maximum enjoyment, start the one on the left and turn its sound off,
then start the one on the right and turn its sound all the way up.)
2012 Film clip "California is Going Down" (16083516)
Adam Lambert "2012" Music Video (16340664)
(See it also on 2012 Official Movie Site)
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It seems that one of the results of their summit has been to determine that the project is behind schedule. Although the GAs have been processing visuals at an astounding rate, the subsequent processing by Visibot and the Senior GAs (like me) is behind. Consequently, they're going to be doing some additional training of SGAs in the use of some of the more advanced capabilites of the MPS and they're authorizing overtime for the SGAs. They explain that Visibot is capable of faster processing, but that it will require a little more participation by both SGAs and the upper management. SGA extended training will begin immediately and overtime procedures will be explained as part of that training.

The meeting had just adjourned, when into my office walks the same manager. He tells me that, due to my recent resync training and experience, I already knew most of what I needed to accelerate my productivity. The problem isn't so much that all SGAs are behind, but that some are. The ones are our Tampa facility are actually keeping up quite well with the mosaic productions, but those in many other facilities aren't doing as well and Skybot has been having trouble hiring the needed expertise in some remote areas. However, the same MPS capabilities that allow me to review visuals from other facilities and to resync our mosaic with those of other facilities can also be used to allow us to support the production of mosaics at other facilities. In a matter of minutes, he showed me how to accomplish this new action and asked if I'd be willing to help train other SGAs. I said I'd be happy to help and looked forward to doing what I had to do to get the project back on schedule.

As it turns out, many of the actions that he explained to me were things I'd already figured out on my own - how to determine percent complete at any facility, percent complete for an area, and how to bring up the satellite views. As I suspected, the fewer the bubbles or domes on a facility, the further along they are. When their mosaic is complete, their facility will have a single dome over the entire building. After that, the only actions required are that the facility be resynched with the home about once a week, where the home for us is the Abidjan facility and the one for the eastern hemisphere is the Lagos facility. He explained that a dome on a complete facility would be gray when out of sync, but after resync would assume a look similar to the earth's atmosphere.

Although I'd figured most of this out, I was careful not to let him know so he wouldn't begin to wonder about my extreme curiousity and how much I might know that I shouldn't. He also enabled my version of MPS to allow me to resync any facility, a feature that he said they only gave to a few of the most senior personnel, as it was possible to cause errors if not properly executed.
If you have a comment or if you've visited from a location not listed below, please leave a note in the Guest Book on the Orientation page.
Today, I will see my first live assimilation. Even though the dome extends for miles around, the assimilations still must be activated from the roof of our facility. After the dome has reached the limits of our sector, then the action can occur anywhere beneath the mosaic, thus allowing for the final assimilations of animals, plants, and any humans not yet processed. Due to my seniority and the high demand for assistance in assimilation, the upper management has authorized me to assist in the activity on our roof. I go to the Patio on 12, extend my CATs in the air, and levitate up to 20. There, I find a steady stream of people coming off the elevator and moving slowly through the double doors and up to the roof. I walk past the line and my management representative directs me to an open area, where I find the process to be extremely simple.

Standing in the open area, a person walks up to me ready for assimilation. Placing my CATs on their shoulders, I receive an imprint of their being. I then use the CATs to rise up to the dome and locate a visual that includes their image. Once found, I use the CATs to move it overhead and the person then is automatically levitated up to join the visual. As they join, there is a glow around them and around the image on the visual, then the two simply merge. After the merge, I feel a warm sensation emanating from the visual, exuding a sense of comfort, contentment, relaxation, and knowledge. I can tell that the person has become part of the UIM and is now part of the universe as they have never been before. It is a great feeling and one that I look forward to enjoying in the near future.

As we move closer to the final day, I marvel at the success the aliens have achieved. During the 65 years from 1947 to 2012, they have become part of every activity on the planet. Their personnel stretch from Australia to Africa to the Arctic and they have been a key part of many of the positive advancements made by humanity during this 65-year period. What I am just realizing though, is that they have been here on several occasions prior to 1947, working with the Mayans, the Egyptians, and many other advanced civilizations throughout history. In those early visits, they were merely working to give our civilizations a helping hand, all the time planning to bring things to this peaceful and beneficial conclusion after we matured.
Those final four sites are:
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 5N 4W
Lagos, Nigeria 6N 3E
Funafuti, Tuvalu  8S 179E
Nukunonu, Tokelau  9S 171W

The decision was recently made that I would be the one to do these last 4 merges from the office in Tampa at noon on 2012-21-12. After that, the final step of the assimilation will be for me to join the mosaic as the last of Earth's inhabitants. I am not really certain how I was selected for this honor, but I am more than prepared due to my extensive experience with the mosaic over the last 6 months. I look forward to that day and will do all I can between now and then to make sure that the process continues as smoothly as it has thus far.
The glitch is the apparent formation of an underground group opposed to the UIM. They have primarily been encountered on previously uninhabited islands and atolls in the South Pacific and have been known to use CATs to transport themselves quickly from one island to another. The fact that they have access to CATs and are familiar with their use implies that they are probably former employees of Skybot, possibly some that were thought to have already been assimilated. Or maybe they were assimilated and have figured out how to return from the UIM to Earth ... no ... Firstly, that is not possible ... Secondly, nobody would want to forego the feeling of calm, contentment, comfort, and knowledge offered by the UIM to return to the trials and tribulations of life on Earth before Skybot. Although it would appear to be equally impossible for anyone to be assimilated, but still be on Earth ... So, both are impossible ...
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