October 21, 2012 (2012-21-10) : Well, along with all the duties that I have relative to the assimilation and my final responsibilities on 2012-21-12, my highest priority this last month has been to determine if there is a rebel group somewhere on the planet and to decide what is to be done if I find one.

As I noted in my last entry, I have all of the power of Skybot behind me, with access to all of their latest technology, the ability to transport myself almost anywhere in the world with relative ease, and complete satellite coverage. The problem has been that the satellites have noted no anomalies and the MPS is showing me that 97% of the sectors are complete and connected to the worldwide mosaic. So, all our knowledge and technology withstanding, it was up to me to try to figure out where a rebel group might be able to hide and to go check it out myself.
2012-21-12 : Universal Intelligence Mosaic (UIM)
And that's the end of Chapter 4 (version 1). So what's ahead? I don't know. Maybe the story is finished. That pretty much covers what I dreamed about, plus extensive embellishments as I wrote. I realize there are some loose ends, but that's the nature of my writing I guess.

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Saufatu also escorted me over to the colony at Baker Island, where I learned that their leader, Kuresa, is another of the SGAs that I trained back in Tampa. Kuresa was as cordial as Saufatu, explaining that he and his people had no contention with the UIM, but had simply decided that they would rather live on Earth than enjoy all of the advantages of the UIM. As difficult as this is for me to comprehend, I still do not see any danger in leaving these colonies in peace and have decided not to mention anything about them to upper managers. The Baker Colony is about the same size as Howland and also has a sufficient food supply.

In my reports to upper management regarding the rebels, I have simply stated that after a diligent search of all areas of the South Pacific, as well as other areas on Earth that were thought to possibly still be inhabited, I have found no evidence of any living beings other than in the 2% of sectors remaining to be assimilated. These last 2% are in highly populated areas, where it has been delayed somewhat by people who have been slow to return to their home sectors. The managers have accepted my report and are convinced that no rebel contingent exists.
Looking at the entire planet, I tried to guess at where we had the weakest coverage. The mosaic is most powerful at the four base sites in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (5N 4W), Lagos, Nigeria (6N 3E), Funafuti, Tuvalu (8S 179E), and Nukunonu, Tokelau (9S 171W), so if there was any weakness at all in the system, it must be a location farthest from those four sites. In addition, I am aware that we give higher priority to areas in large land masses, so areas that are primarily water might have weaknesses. Finally, I assume that if there is a rebel group hiding out there, it would have to be in an area that was receptive to human habitation, which would eliminate the remote polar areas with their frigid conditions.

After studying the world map with these factors in mind for a relatively short time, I determined that there might be weak areas in what I call the Lagos Remote area and the Abidjan Remote areas. These are 10° x 10° sectors in the South Pacific, one being the most distant in the Lagos quadrant and the other being the most distant in the Abidjan quadrant.

Move your mouse over the graphic below and you will see the areas that I refer to, marked with Yellow squares on the sectors of interest. To see an enlarged view of the two areas, click on the graphic. The square on your right is the Lagos Remote, 170° East of the controlling site at Lagos. The square on the left is the Abidjan Remote, 170° West of Abidjan. Since both Tokelau and Tuvalu are only concerned with areas to their South, that leaves these two sectors with very sparse coverage.
After closely surveying the Marshall Islands and finding no evidence of human habitation, I went to investigate Howland Island and Baker Island in the Abidjan Remote sector. It was there that I found what I was looking for! A small human colony on Howland Island where there should be none!

Ever since 2012-23-01, when I received the answers to all my questions, I had continued to develop my knowledge capabilities. I was now at a point that I had complete knowledge of everything that I encountered. As soon as I experienced something new, I was able to call up all relevant information about it. Now, however, I was experiencing something new in finding the Howland Colony, yet I was unable to discern who was there or how many. I also could not tell if they would be hostile toward me, which would be a problem since I had nothing with which to defend myself. I therefore approached the colony with extreme caution.

Approaching the colony, I counted 5 huts, each about 15 feet in diameter and constructed of the huge leaves from Palm trees.  It was early evening and there were about 10 people gathered around a campfire in the center of the compound. As I got closer, I recognized one as a young man named Saufatu, who I had trained to be the lead SGA for the Tuvalu facility. During his training at our Tampa installation, we had become great friends and I had given him some extra training that had allowed him to become the lead at Tuvalu. Based upon that friendship, I felt I could trust my safety to him, so I walked on in to the campfire. I soon learned some surprising facts.

Saufatu was pleased to see me, apparently thinking that I had earlier joined the UIM and had now returned to Earth. When he learned that I had not yet been assimilated, but was there to investigate rumors of rebels against the UIM, Saufatu told me his story: "I  joined the mosaic back in June and was at first as elated and satisfied as you probably expect to be in just a few months. I had all the knowledge of the universe, only having to direct my attention to a specific concept to immediately understand all there was to know about it. I thought of the Milky Way Galaxy and immediately knew all there was to know about all of its 400 billion or so components - stars, planets, meteors, moons, and their composition, age, relative location, and all other pertinent information. Any place in the universe could be readily 'called up' into my consciousness, including those that I had not been previously aware of. By just thinking in a specific direction, I was able to 'see' in my mind all there was between my location and the end of the universe."

He continued, "I soon realized that as long as I directed my attention outwardly, beyond Earth to other parts of the universe, I really had no conception of time. There were no days or nights, no hunger, no need for sleep - it was as if I were still in my body, but had none of the standard bodily functions or sensations. When I turn my attention back toward Earth, however, I become aware of time passing, see the days and nights go by, and experience many of the same sensations I had before assimilation. It was at this point that I realized the difference between knowledge and experience. Knowledge was great, but actually experiencing provided something that was not possible purely by knowing about it." As he spoke, I thought about how I had that same kind of realization when I actually experienced seeing people being assimilated on the roof of the Tampa facility back on 2012-26-03. I knew everything there was to know about the assimilation process beforehand, but the actual experience provided me with an additional level of understanding.

"At about this same time," said Saufatu, "I realized something else. While many of those in the mosaic no longer wore any garments at all, I was still wearing my walking shorts. I had not consciously kept them, but just had not gotten around to getting rid of them yet. It was also at that time that I realized that I still had my CATs in my pockets. One of the instructions given prior to assimilation was that everyone was to release their CATs upon joining the mosaic. Where the CATs went at that point was of no concern, but it appeared that they were being collected by the upper management beings. Mine, however, were still in my pockets! I thought about releasing them as directed, but my attention turned to other things at that time and the CATs remained."

"I have had a longing for the South Pacific ever since leaving Tuvalu and have wanted to return and visit some of the beautiful islands there. I directed my attention to that area of Earth and was soon travelling in my mind from one beautiful island to another. I visited thousands of atolls, islands, lagoons, and beaches all across the Pacific. Despite all of my knowledge of these locations, I soon realized that I really wanted to actually experience them. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, I realized that just as the CATs had brought me to the mosaic, they could just as easily take me out of the mosaic and down to one of those islands. This sudden knowledge was in direct conflict with the common knowledge among all those in the UIM that once assimilated, there was no going back. It seems that some of our knowledge is being controlled by the upper management beings, but truth could be recognized if attention happens to be directed to the controlled areas. In this case, the simple action of thinking about returning to Earth resulted in my knowledge that it was possible. Maybe the inadvertent keeping of my CATs allowed me to come to this realization. Whatever the reason, I now knew I could do it and I was actually considering trying it. A few days later, I decided I would, so put on my CATs, extended my arms, and was immediately flying over the South Pacific islands that I had been thinking about."

"I flew over Tuvalu and then the Marshall Islands and could feel that they were uninhabited, but I was disenchanted by the vacated cities and villages, so looked further for a location that had been uninhabited prior to assimilation. As I flew eastward and crossed the Antimeridian at 180° longitude, I suddenly was unable to feel anything about any of the islands and atolls below me. It did not take long for me to realize that the entire sector immediately East of the Antimeridian and North of the Equator was somehow beyond the knowledge base of the UIM. I was still under the mosaic, had my flying ability, but could not tell what was on the land below unless I flew down close enough to see. Did you get that feeling as you flew here?" asked Saufatu.
"As a matter of fact, I did," I replied. "This is the sector that I have labelled the Abidjan Remote, since it is in the Abidjan control but the farthest from the control site. When I flew over your colony here on Howland Island, I could not tell if anyone was here until I came down close enough to see you. So, that explains why the upper management beings are not aware of your presence here."

"Right," answered Saufatu, "and that is precisely why we are here. To make a long story short, I came here because I remembered the story of Amelia Earhart not being able to find it and have always been a bit curious about it. I came here, then returned to the UIM several times before encountering others who were doing the same thing. I eventually learned that I was not the only one that had forgotten to return my CATs, had realized that they could return to Earth, and had determined that this was the only sector on the planet that was outside of the view from the UIM. I also realized that I really preferred to stay here, as did all of those that I met here. As far as I know, the only colonies in existence now are here and on Baker Island a few miles South. We are by no means any threat to the UIM or the upper management beings, we have nothing against them or the mosaic, but would just prefer to stay here and live out our lives in this simple existence."

After giving this some thought, I decided that I would leave them alone for now. If I later determined that the UIM would be better served by having them onboard, I could always return with one of the upper management beings later and convince them that they should rejoin us. For now, I saw no problem with just letting them continue in their simple island life.
Noon, 2012-21-12: I place my CATs over Tuvalu and Tokelau, see the message RESYNC IN PROGRESS, and wait for the operation to complete. I then do the same for Abidjan and Lagos. No problems yet! I notice that each operation takes a bit longer than those that I did on individual facilities back in December, but all are soon completed. Now, the final, joining the northern and southern hemispheres.

RESYNC IN PROCESS ... The final time! Hard to believe that I am finally to the end of the project, but here we are! The resync completes and I take the elevator up to 12. Out on the patio, CATs on, arms up, to the 20th floor. Through the cipher-lock, up the stairs, on the roof, CATs up, into the mosaic I go! As soon as I join, I release the CATs and they quickly disappear from sight.

The feeling is even more exhilarating than I had anticipated. Immediately upon joining, I am immersed in an overwhelming feeling of calm, contentment, and unlimited knowledge. As I look out to the stars, I feel as if I have been part of this universe forever. I am exactly where I want to be and where I have anticipated being for as far back as I can remember.

I look back toward Earth and it looks very small and confined. I do not understand why anyone would want to limit themselves to a life there when this utopia was within their reach. I look forward to learning all that I can and stretching my knowledge as far as possible.

Within the UIM, I find that we have not only all of humanity living on Earth in 2012, but all that have come before. I am in touch with friends and relatives that I have not seen for years, as well as parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, generation after generation back to the beginning of time. We do not talk to each other, but we communicate in a manner that supercedes language and speech. There are no language differences, since there is no speech,and everyone understands the intended meaning with minimal explanations. It feels like what it must be to be telepathic, except that we are communicating and understanding multiple conversations simultaneously. I am touching ancestors that I previously had no knowledge of, while at the same time renewing old acquaintances and feeling the complete life experiences of friends that have been out of touch for years. There are bad experiences as well as good, but now that all are here, there are no deaths to regret, no illnesses to be concerned about, and everyone is enjoying the same feeling of calmness and contentment.
So what does one do when one can do anything, there is no conception of time passing, no one grows old, and there is nothing that anyone is required to do? I can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone ... I think that option to assume the physical shape of a being on another planet with intelligent life sounds interesting ... but everything sounds interesting ... what does one do? ... I guess time will tell ... but there is no time ... hmmm
Mosaic Production System (MPS) World Projection
Using my CATs to fly under the completed mosaics between Tampa and the South Pacific, I easily reached the Tuvalu installation and started a search of the areas shown in the graphic on the right. As expected, Tuvalu was completed deserted, but I was able to enter the facility there using my CATS, just as I had in Tampa. I then simply flew to the 20th floor and accessed the MPS in one of the large conference rooms there. The graphic on the right shows the Tuvalu and Tokelau sectors, as well as the Abidjan Remote and Lagos Remote sectors.

As in the previous graphic, move your mouse over it to see the two Remote areas highlighted. Click on it if you want an enlarged version opened in a new window.

I first did an aerial search of the Lagos Remote sector, which largely consists of the Marshall Islands. Since these were relatively heavily populated prior to the assimilation, I did not expect that would be where I would find anyone hiding. I did notice something a bit unusual, however. Unlike other areas on Earth that I had flown over, these islands still had a significant amount of greenery, both trees and plants. It seems that as we get farther from the home site at Lagos, especially when over predominantly aquatic areas, the mosaic appears to absorb all human and animal life, but leaves much of the vegetation untouched. In this, the most remote area, it appears to be much as it was prior to the assimilation. I do not see this as a problem, as we expected the vegetation to reappear at some point after 2012-21-12, but it was a bit of a surprise seeing it now.
Four Sectors Around 0° Latitude (Equator) and 180° Longitude (Antimeridian)
2012-21-11 : A busy month has passed since I first visited the Howland Colony. During the past month, I have been involved in the completion of more sectors, now bringing the total in UIM up to 98% of the total on Earth. All of these are at 100% except the final four. Of these, Abidjan and Lagos reached 99% back in January and Tuvalu and Tokelau were at 99% in June. That was the time that Saufatu left Tuvalu and joined the UIM. These four sites will remain at 99% until I complete the final step of the process on 2012-21-12.

I also revisited the Howland Colony several times and have learned that they have a good supply of fruits and edible vegetation, as well as being able to do a bit of food-gathering in the surrounding ocean. It seems that the effectiveness of the mosaic in oceanic areas is very weak and much of the undersea life remains. As a result, there is more than enough food for the dozen who live there, all of whom are former SGAs. Most are from the surrounding sectors in the South Pacific, but some are from as far away as Europe and Asia.
Since late November, I have made several trips back to both the Howland and Baker Colonies. I made my final trip there yesterday, making one last effort to convince Saufatu, Kuresa, and their people that they should join me in the UIM. We do not know if they will still have the ability to return to the UIM after I have completed the 2012-21-12 actions, but they are not concerned. They are all convinced that they are where they want to be, and that there is no chance of later regrets. I am hoping that I will somehow be able to watch their progress in the future, after I myself join the UIM, but that remains to be seen.
2012-21-12 : The day is finally here! I got no sleep at all last night, thinking about the huge responsibility that faced me in the morning. I was up and into my office at 6 AM, even though I have 6 more hours before the noon hour when I am to complete the UIM. I have done the resync operations enough times that I do not consider that a challenge, but as the last human on Earth (more or less), any mistakes would be catastrophic.

I have done a series of status checks and have determined that 99% of the sectors are complete, leaving only the final four to be merged. The last few sectors were completed this month with very little intervention on my part and surveys of all Skybot installations on the planet have shown that I am the lone remaining SGA on site. Now all of that is behind me and all that remains is to wait for noon and perform the final actions.
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